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ikigaiHub Space-The Whys and Wherefores

Yashaswini S Prakash

Wednesday Oct 24

ikigaiHub Space

Starting ikigaiHub was not just a one day’s game. From deciding on ikigaiHub space to finalizing the concepts, we spent weeks and weeks together to plan on every minute detail. We did not want our Hub to be any random Coaching Institute, and so, we were very meticulous about starting the one which can stand out and be able to provide value to the learners.

ikigai is a Japanese concept, which means, ‘the reason for being’.  At ikigaiHub, we believe in helping our learners discover their passion by providing mentoring support, not just concept and syllabus-wise, but also through every possible way that nurtures our learner.

One of our promises to our learners is to provide a holistic learning experience. And thus, even the way they sit during our sessions is very important for us to ensure true learning ecosystem. The ikigaiHub space is based on the Japanese style, low rise table concept. 

ikigaiHub Space

The Why and Wherefore of ikigaiHub Space

Floor sitting helps promote mental calmness, soothes frazzled nerves and is said to aid one’s creative imagination. Since the body and mind are calm, the learners will be able to focus more and retain any new information.

Floor sitting aids in feeling grounded allowing the learners to be centered and balanced no matter what’s going around them. We have even had cases where the unexpected noise disturbances from outside the Hub left our learners undisturbed throughout the session.

Every new session has been a learning experience for mentors too. Since the mentors and learners share the same space, everyone, including the mentors, get the same learning opportunity.

Sitting on the floor and remaining on the same level as fellow learners as well as the mentors have helped us in organizing more engaging sessions. We are able to create a more collaborative and yet competitive ecosystem.

In fact, the learners can also take the stage if they have more references and insights on the topic to share among others.

ikigaiHub Space

Does it Really Matter?

We spend hours and hours to finalize the concepts that need to be discussed during the Bootcamps. A lot of preparation takes place before the commencement of every Bootcamp. The last thing we need is confused learners with half information.

And thus, anything that adds as a contributing factor for providing value to the learners will be taken seriously by us. And that’s why we were very much particular about the floor sitting, which would help the learner remain focused throughout the day.

In all our Bootcamps, we were able to see an immense enthusiasm amongst our learners. There were even a few cases where our learners were so much focused on their learning that they refused to even take short breaks during the sessions.

ikigaiHub Space

We have witnessed the level of concentration that our learners are able to give during all the Bootcamps at any hour of the day. This again, is a great news, given that post-lunch hours are normally lousy hours.

As much as we call our Bootcamp Programs to be the most interactive ones, we still are able to maintain the calmness in the Hub. With this environment, there is curiosity, there is clarity and there is a conviction.

At the end of each Bootcamp Programs, as much as the learner is satisfied with us, we are equally satisfied with our mentoring sessions provided to them.

It won’t be wrong to refer ikigaiHub synonymous to true learning. We create positivity in the air and ensure that every learner of ours has received what they came looking for.

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