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10 Reasons why you should join ikigaiHub for a Certificate Course

Jeevitha GN

Tuesday Jul 31

ikigaiHub Certificate Courses

If you are looking for a certificate course and considering to join an offline training center, ikigaiHub is what you are looking for. ikigaiHub is a learning center, which trains you to develop your skills and help you build the right attitude towards your career.

The Hub was established with an aim to bridge the gap between the job seekers and market requirements.

Here are 10 Reasons why ikigaiHub stands out when compared to other Training Centers-

1) Value for Money

When looking for a learning center, it’s evident that you would look for the one that provides value for what you pay.

ikigaiHub provides you with valuable training and also is much more affordable when compared to other training centers.  

2) Hands-On Experience

ikigaiHub is a unique learning center where you get hands-on experience as a part of the training. The course allows you to apply the learnings practically, under the guidance of the mentors. 

Most of the training institutes provide you with theoretical knowledge but miss out on the practical approach. Joining ikigaiHub is beneficial because you get immediate feedback for your projects from the mentors.

3) Industry Experienced Mentors

CEOs and COOs of different industries who found a gap between their requirements and the employee skills, came together and founded ikigaiHub. The mentors at ikigaiHub are the working professionals who will provide you with an insight into the real professional world.

4) Mixed Crowd

Most of the training centers restrict their course to a particular group based on their age or educational background.

ikigaiHub, however, does not impose any restrictions on the learners when they take up the certificate course 

Anyone who is interested to gain an insight into the topic, be it a student or a businessman can be a part of ikigaiHub.

The course is designed to meet the requirements of learners from every background.

5) Interactive Classrooms

The primary advantage of an offline training center over an offline course is interaction in the class.

ikigaiHub makes it a point that every learner gets an opportunity to interact with not just the mentors, but also with the fellow learners.

Another remarkable point to be considered is, since the learners belong to a mixed crowd, you are also encouraged to share your knowledge out of your experience/learning.  

6) Work on Real Projects

Usually, a training center focuses on introducing the topic and covers various aspects of the course theoretically.

ikigaiHub, not just provides you with a practical approach training, but also gives you an opportunity to work on the real projects over the course period.

Working on these projects provide you with a clear understanding of the topic and also helps you understand the difference between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

7) Interactive Portal

ikigaiHub provides you with a learning portal, wherein you can stay connected with your fellow learners and the mentors. You can also share the job opportunities or like-minded articles and be up-to-date with your industry.

Unlike many of the training centers, our aim is not just to provide you with the course training, but also to improve your employability.

8) Job Opportunities

One of the added benefits of joining ikigaiHub over other training centers is, you also get an opportunity to attend an interview with ikigaiHub’s partner companies.

The training at ikigaiHub is very extensive that by the time you complete the course, you will have the right attitude towards your career and get job-ready in the related field.

9) Class Size

Most of the training centers out there are usually flooded with the trainees, making it difficult for an interactive session. The mentor to learner ratio in ikigaiHub is 1:4, and thus, everyone gets attention throughout the course.

Your doubts are clarified sooner and the feedbacks are faster.  In short, the Bootcamps at ikigaiHub are more efficient.

10) Topic Coverage

The course material is prepared by working professionals. Every factor is carefully considered out of pure experience and thus the topic coverage is almost in detail.

Unlike most of the other training centers, ikigaiHub doesn’t stick to the textbook approach. Instead, the mentors share the knowledge out of their sheer experience.    

The benefits mentioned above are just a few out of many. ikigaiHub is the new way of learning. From the space to the ambiance, the course content to the style of mentoring, it is totally new and unique from any other training centers.

ikigaiHub offers various courses including QA Bootcamp, Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp, Design UI/UX Bootcamp, Digital Marketing Bootcamp, Mobile App Development Bootcamp and Web Development Bootcamp. For more details on the Bootcamps, click here

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