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ikigaiHub is different and unique in so many ways. Don't Believe us? Watch us in action here.

A unique experience, says Journalist Sandeep Hans

Sandeep Hans, A Journalist at TV9 found the experience at ikigaiHub unique and one of its kind.

Abiha Zainab, loved the ikigaiHub experience.

Abiha is a writer and an aspiring digital marketer. She found the Digital Marketing 101 Bootcamp experience helpful. 

Mayank Yadav found the Bootcamp informative!

Not only did he meet new people, he learned a lot in digital marketing too! That is what ikigaiHub Community is…

Our October 2018 Digital Marketing graduates share their experience at ikigaiHub

This is a right platform for anybody who is looking to start their career in digital marketing.

Thinkathon 2018 in collaboration with Think201

*THINKATHON* is a new twist to Hackathon by Think201 in collaboration with ikigaiHub. The jury, Anurag Rath, Founder and CEO of Think201,…

Tarun Anand, a fresher out of college, found answers to his questions at ikigaiHub

Tarun is impressed by the energy the mentors maintained throughout the session and cannot wait to kickstart his career in Digital…

This is what Vidhi feels about the Digital Marketing 101 Bootcamp.

Vidhi loved spending her Saturday morning at the Hub.

Armaan is looking forward for the next Bootcamp!

Armaan loved the space and the way the mentors taught in the bootcamp. He is eagerly waiting to attend the advanced…

'It is very different from academic learning' | Website Development 101 Bootcamp

Shasanka Sahu loves the way mentors teach at ikigaiHub. The hands-on experience is very different, he says.

Hear how Anuj Ranka, a Digital Marketer, feels about ikigaiHub.

With an experience of over 10 years in Digital Marketing, Anuj Ranka found this bootcamp the best one yet. He found…

Digital Marketing 101 Bootcamp Sept 2018 - Hear what our learners have to say!

The graduating batch of Sept 2018 share their learning experience at ikigaiHub.

Soft Skills Bootcamp in collaboration with team Think201

Team Think201 collaborated with our team for a fun team building exercise. 

Our learners share their views with us.

The batch of July 2018 for Digital Marketing 101 Bootcamp share their experience with us.

'It has been a wonderful experience', says Rathana Kumar

‘When I came here, I was totally blank. After the end of the session, I’m confident about building my own website’,…

"No other online/offline courses teach you like ikigaiHub mentors do"

Gayathri is very excited about the Digital Marketing Bootcamp. Here’s what she feels about us.

Anurag got exactly what he was expecting from the bootcamp.

This was Anurag’s first 7 hour bootcamp, and he loved it!

Digital Marketing 101 Bootcamp - Graduating batch of Aug'18

The graduating batch of Aug’18. This is what they had to say at the end of the session!

Jatin Rastogi, Co-Founder and CEO at Wildbeez found his ikigai.

The bootcamp helped him understand digital marketing, as an industry, better and is looking forward for the expert bootcamp by ikigaiHub. 

ikigaiHub gave me exactly what I came for, says Rehan

Mohammed Rehan registered for the Bootcamp out of curiosity and did not want the session to end!

Ashwini loved spending her Saturday morning at ikigaiHub

Ashwini loved the bootcamp experience. From not knowing anything about digital marketing to loving it, she found her ikigai.

"Great location with amazing hospitality"

Burhan gives us a ride on his overall experience in the Digital Marketing 101 Bootcamp. 

How ikigaiHub helps in creating a pool of skilled freshers

One of our learner explains how ikigaiHub saves the time spent on the unlearning process. 

Santosh Panda, Co-Founder and CEO at Explara is impressed with ikigaiHub's concept

“If people come out of ikigaiHub and say they’ve spent two days learning there, you don’t have to do the unlearning…

Jasleen found the #ikigaihubexperience unique

Jasleen, being in the teaching profession herself, found the method of teaching at ikigaiHub extremely unique.

"Loved the way the mentors taught us. I found my ikigai"

Shravan loves our space and our method of teaching. Watch the video and hear him say how we are different.

Hear what the Co-Founder and CEO of Impact Micro Ventures has to say.

Pranay found the bootcamp essential for understanding the basics of Digital Marketing.

Find out what Nagesh Belur, Head of Marketing at iValue has to say about ikigaiHub

Nagesh Belur is the Head of Marketing at iValue. He found our bootcamp very helpful.

Our Learners Speak | Website Development 101 Bootcamp - October'18 Batch

The learners did not want the bootcamp to end! Hear what else they have to say about ikigaiHub and the bootcamp.…

Why ikigaiHub? Hear it from our founders!

Our founders explain the concept behind ikigaiHub.

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