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The need for ikigaiHub

The consistent unemployment rate in India with the increase in fresh talent demand by startups and enterprises hints at the real need for companies to come together to bridge the talent gap and that’s where ikigaiHub pitches in. The problems at hand needing immediate attention are:

  • Students not getting enough exposure to the working industry
  • Colleges not focussing on the stuff that matter
  • Students not having enough technical knowledge
  • Students lacking the problem solving approach

The change ikigaiHub envisions

With the real industry professionals, real case studies and more of a practical approach to problem solving, ikigaiHub wants to create a talent pool ready for employment by the employers right after the bootcamps.

ikigaihub ikigaihub

Leadership Team @ ikigaiHub


Anurag Rath

Founder & Chairman

Anurag comes with unique experience that combines technology with business and plays leadership roles in multiple organizations across different industry sectors.


Yashaswini S Prakash

Co-Founder & CEO

Innovative solutions to problems with technology and common sense is what Yashaswini excels at with the experience of over 7 years in the industry.


Akash Agrawal

Co-Founder & Program Coordinator

Started off early on in his career, Akash shares a passion for great products. He has a very radical opinion on the how basic measurable metrics in professional education can be changed.


Kewal Krishna

Program Coordinator & Mentor

The self learned UI/UX Designer with an experience of over 4 years in the industry, Kewal has a great eye for good designs around in our everyday lives.


Anshul Gupta

Program Coordinator & Mentor

Anshul Gupta has been an educator for IIT aspirants and have always felt he can achieve so much more by not going by the books.


Kunal Bandekar

Program Coordinator & Mentor

A self learned QA Engineer who knows manual testing, automation testing using Python scripts, security testing with the right business sense for a product to make it deployment ready.

Companies behind ikigaiHub

Multiple companies have joined hands together to help bridge the talent and attitude gap through ikigaiHub to share their experience and learnings. The leaders and professionals of these companies would also help learners realize the right attitude of learning and collaborating that employers expect.

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Think201 is the parent company for ikigaiHub. Founded in year 2012, Think201 is design focused tech startup which delivers incredible products in the space of web & mobile. So far, Think201 has been a leader in its space having diverse clientele across various domains.



ikigai, is a Japanese concept meaning “the reason for being” or the reason to jump out of bed every morning.

Here at ikigaiHub we aim to develop the perfect set of skills (technical and interpersonal) amongst freshers and job seekers and get them job-ready.

Our expert-curated courses led by mentors who are CEOs, CTOs and industry leaders give you a unique opportunity for learning by working on real-world projects and collaborating with teammates.