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Pursue Your Passion, Not Pressure.

Yashaswini S Prakash

Thursday May 24

pursue your passion, not pressure - how to find your passion

Every kid has a dream while growing up. This dream is often associated with what they want to become, how they want to lead their life.

Studies show that at a very young age of 3 years, kids start to aspire what they want to become. This occurs intuitively for the kid based on the environment they grow in and the things that fascinate them.

As they mature their interest in aspirations might increase or decline depending on a lot of factors.

Very few are those who validate & re-align themselves to their true north and follow their dream, while few still get influenced by various factors, change their goals and give up on their passion.

Such influences could be either family pressures, social pressures, lack of guidance, improper exposure and so on. What happens with the latter is that surviving the challenges of life, by not doing what you are naturally good at becomes way more difficult.

Ultimately at some point in time, you are forced to stop and turn towards your true passion.

It is important to discover what you really want to be early on. It is even more important to nurture those dreams once you know it.

Who could help you nurture your passion?

There are three forces behind this.

You” — You need to work on yourself a lot. Investing a lot of time on self is very important in discovering your true self. The confidence that you gain will be the foundation for your dream.

You help to “Discover” your passion

Family — I place this very next because having a support system is very important. If they believe in you and your passion no other social pressures can influence your passion.

However, it’s you who can plant that confidence in your family, who will support you through thick and thin.

Family “supports” you with your passion

Mentors — Last but not least, mentors are the ones who can nurture your dream. Having right mentors will lead you on the right path. They bring in the real experience to the path you chose and help you get a good exposure.

They coach you and help you get ready to achieve your dreams. Find a right mentor and get a counselling. Many don’t take this step seriously but it saves a lot of time otherwise wasted walking the wrong path.

Mentors “nurture” your passion

“It’s your place in the world; it’s your life. Go on and do all you can with it, and make it the life you want to live.” — Mae Jemison

Don’t settle for less, don’t settle for other’s sake. Find your true north and succeed.


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