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5 things a fresher must do to become Interview-Ready

Vedh Jagadish

Monday Jul 09

5 things a fresher must do to become Interview-Ready

Facing an interview is one of the biggest nightmares for most of the fresh graduates today. You will never know if you are really prepared until you actually attend one.

It’s hard to know in advance on what might go wrong no matter how well you have prepared for the interview.  

Here are 5 Tips to help you get Interview-ready-

5) Improve the Communication Skills

Communication skills don’t just mean your ability to speak fluently without a break.

It also includes the art of listening, clarity, confidence and even being able to communicate without the use of words, i.e., right body language, maintaining eye contact, hand gestures.

Don’t just brush up the communication skills for the interview, make it your lifestyle. Remember, communication works for those who work at it.

4) Work On Resume

You create an impression with your employer even before you meet him/her.

Your resume speaks on your behalf, and it is important for your resume to carry information that is relevant. Your resume needs to be presentable and concise.

A lot of work needs to be put in the resume to let the employer know that you are indeed serious about the job. An inappropriate resume might even lose you a job offer.

3) Know how to groom yourself.

Before even you get to talk to your employer about your skills and abilities, it’s your grooming that talks first.

What you wear for your interview, how you look, and how much efforts you have put to look best, gives a good impression to your prospective employer and you are already a few steps closer to your job.

Grooming, after all, is the most important requirement.   

2) Have a Mock Interview with a Friend

When you are preparing for an important interview, a little roleplaying with a friend will help you be prepared for the worst case and tackle the situation handily.

It provides you with an opportunity to practice for the actual one and get instant feedback.

Confidence doesn’t come when you have all the answers- it comes when you are ready to face all the questions.  

1) Develop Teamwork Skills

One of the most common words that are found on a resume is ‘Team Worker’.  But how good a team player are you? This is something you need to work on to become interview-ready.

No matter how exceptional you are with your skills, if you are not able to communicate or work with your team, an employer might always hesitate to welcome you into his team. Team Work makes the dream work.

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