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How ikigaiHub Got a Sold Out Batch Organically

Yashaswini S Prakash

Monday Oct 08

ikigaiHub has consistently received positive feedback ever since its first batch, and this Bootcamp, in particular, is much special to us for two reasons- one, we introduced our ikigaiHub Portal to our learners, and two, we managed to get a sold-out batch organically with Zero cost!

Digital Marketing 101 Bootcamp - Batch 3


When we kick-started our First Digital Marketing Bootcamp, our Digital Marketing Partner Company, First Launch used its expertised marketing strategies to get us a full house batch within a very short period of time. With great reviews from our first batch and a very successful Second Digital Marketing Bootcamp, we decided not to spend any money on marketing ads and instead reach our relevant audience organically for the third batch. We relied on Digital Marketing team – First Launch’s – creativity in broadcasting the content we produced from our batches and learners.

DM Bootcamp- Sept 2018 (3)

Communication of our philosophy to the marketing team also helped them very aptly position our brand among the interested learners. The Marketing team chose the right communities/forums to introduce ikigaiHub for anyone who is in the lookout for a comprehensive Bootcamp. Providing relevant content for the right audience at the right time and right place was the primary strategy adopted by the digital marketing team, which turned out to be hugely successful.

DM Bootcamp- Sept 2018 (4)

Our digital marketing team, who collected the session pictures and videos from us were able to refine them into excellent deliverables on time which became a huge contributing factor for the marketing strategy. These professionally edited images and videos were posted on various forums and social media networks, and we were able to engage with our audience in no time.

Along with our digital marketing team, it was in fact, our own learners who turned out to be terrific marketers of ikigiaHub. We pride ourselves in following a unique approach of providing a hands-on experience to our learners, and uncompromising quality service that we are able to provide exactly what the learners are seeking for.  We have always looked for opportunities to improve our services for every new batch and thus, we have never ignored our learners’ feedback.

DM Bootcamp- Sept 2018

Since many are aware of the cost and benefits of various other training centers, it’s pretty obvious to our learners that ikigiaHub has been providing quality mentorship with reasonable cost and maximum benefits. Therefore, they have been the best marketers for us and we cannot wait to make wonders in our upcoming Bootcamps.

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