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An Experience to Remember – Digital Marketing 101 Crash Course July 2018

Anurag Rath

Tuesday Jul 31

Digital Marketing 101 Bootcamp1- July 2018- ikigaiHub
We never cease to Dream Big and Start Small. A lot of efforts has gone into establishing ikigaiHub, and we wanted our first Digital Marketing 101 crash course and each one after the first, to be a grand success. From Back-end Tech support, designing to marketing, every single team member has worked with might and main towards making our dream a reality.

We started with two-day Digital Marketing 101 Bootcamp, and the experience we got out of it was enrapturing.

The D-Day: We Believed we could, so we Began.

On the morning of 28th July, we gathered at the ikigaiHub waiting for our learners. We prayed that nothing should go wrong and sincerely hoped to achieve our objective of providing the ‘Real Learning’ to our learners.

As the learners began to walk in, we saw them getting more comfortable with us and with our space, which we took it to be our first achievement. Our learners seemed to be impressed by the openness of the Hub and settled down very casually.



Our mentors, who are excellent digital marketers, but amateur teachers, took the stage and soon there was a community-based learning environment at the Hub.



A few months ago, when we were ideating the concept of ikigaiHub, we precisely envisioned what we achieved today – an interactive learning Bootcamp which provides a hands-on learning experience. It was enthralling to see the vision of ikigaiHub getting translated into reality.

Learning is real here and it happened over the two days.

Challenges Faced – A Different Kind of High

Till the last moment of the Bootcamp, we were dynamically changing the presentation style and contents, to put our best foot forward. Though our mentors were experienced in training their team members and interns, this was a whole new experience with a mixed crowd.



With people from different backgrounds, the biggest challenge was to ensure that everyone was on the same page and so we had to be careful with the jargons we used.  



The whole point of the Bootcamp was to utilize two days effectively and explain the essence of Digital Marketing as much as we could. We also wanted our learners to try out some of our tools and provide them with a one-on-one mentorship.

Learners – The Why and Wherefore of our Bootcamp.

Our first batch was just, to put it in one word, AMAZING. The learners were zealous enthusiasts and were very understanding. Although they knew that we were not experienced teachers, but a bunch of professionals sharing our knowledge, we were able to see them having pure fun on both the days.



The Bootcamp was so much interactive, that there was no any room for shyness or hesitations. One of our learners even came forward to share his knowledge with others.

After explaining a few tools to create social media posts, we asked our learners to showcase their creativity. We were brimming with pride when we saw our learners’ face light-up after designing their first post.



We even had to extend the Bootcamp timing to complete the course. The learners were willing to stay back, and no one seemed to mind the extended schedule.  

Feedbacks- The Road to our Improvement

Feedbacks are important for any organization, whether it is a start-up or a well-established. We value our learners’ feedbacks, and they gladly showered a lot of positive remarks.  


The responses that we received was overwhelming and we cannot wait to meet more and more of learners. This is what our First Batch has to say about us- 



Behind the Scenes

Our team strained every nerve to bring out the best for the Bootcamp. We had to revise the Course Content a lot many times until we were totally satisfied.

Our mentors Vedh, Dhruv and Archana, spent long hours preparing for the Bootcamp and ensuring that nothing was missed. They prepared the course content in such a way that anyone who attended our Two-Day Digital Marketing 101 crash course should be able to start Digital Marketing at least at the beginner’s level.

The preparation for the Bootcamp involved many sleepless nights, long working hours, designing and redesigning the slides, dry runs and of course a lot of fun.  Our mentors delivered what we expected and this wouldn’t have been an amazing weekend if not for our amazing First Batch of learners.

Digital Marketing 101 Bootcamp9- July 2018- ikigaiHub

The whole two-day experience was profusely mind-blowing. Along with the learners, even we had our share of learning. With every new Bootcamps, there is always a concept of improvisation based on our previous experience.

Cheers to ikigaiHub and the first successful Bootcamp which gave us the experience to remember.

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