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Another Encounter With a Batch of Enthus

Akash Agrawal

Tuesday Aug 21

Digital Marketing 101 Bootcamp - Batch 2

Sometimes things fall into place so perfectly amongst all the imperfections, that you can’t just give all the credits to your luck, but pat yourself on the back for being prepared for the worst.  I can’t feel anything but be proud of team ikigaiHub for all the efforts and the proactiveness.

After receiving an overwhelming response from our first batch of Digital Marketing 101 Bootcamp, we were all geared up for meeting the second batch. Our previous experience gave us ample room for improvisation, and we were able to execute the Bootcamp much better the second time.   

We were pleased to meet a new batch of learners, who impressed us with their enthusiasm.  Within a few minutes of commencing the session, the room filled with excitement and positive vibes, and I immediately knew this was going to be another amazing experience to cherish.

Our learners comprised of a mixed crowd of Founders, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals and even students who had already taken up a Digital Marketing Course before. Everyone showed a never-ending enthusiasm and were thrilled to impart their theoretical knowledge practically.

DM 101_aug2018 (2)

ikigaiHub has stood out from other training centers for various reasons, and providing hands-on experience for the learners is one of them. We were able to see the real happiness in the face of our learners when they experienced Digital Marketing hands-on.  

Every learner got very comfortable with the mentors, and the Bootcamp was wholly an interactive one- thanks to our friendly mentors, who made the session as interesting as possible. No one was hesitant to raise their doubts, and the learners made sure that the next topic was discussed only after all their doubts were cleared.   

Team ikigaiHub was previously appreciated mainly for its hospitality, the credit of which certainly goes to program coordinators, apart from the training and we, in noways, were going to compromise on our service. The second batch too noticed our hospitality and recognized our efforts.

DM 101_Aug2018

We don’t always need the feedback in the form of words. The gesture and actions can communicate better than words. By the end of the session, even before we received the feedback from our learners, I was able to grasp some, from their actions. Be it in the way they got comfortable with our open space, taking selfies, interacting with fellow members and mentors, or, not really getting distracted by small hindrances like a power failure, I was able to see the completely-focused learners throughout the session.

Here’s a video on how our August Batch for Digital Marketing 101 Bootcamp felt about us-



Every new session not just gives us a new lesson, but also brings a whole another level of experience. I cannot wait to meet more learners and to actually help them excel in their field. 

In case if you have missed our Bootcamp, we have many more coming up. To register with us for upcoming Bootcamps, click here.   

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