How ikigaiHub Portal Provides Value To Its Learners Beyond Bootcamp?

Akash Agrawal

Wednesday Oct 10

ikigaihub portal - Dashboard

The third batch of Digital Marketing 101 Bootcamp was a special one for ikigaiHub because it marked the launch of ikigaiHub portal. ikigaiHub does not just aim at providing quality mentorship but also provides value to the learners beyond the Bootcamp.

The learner can have access to ikigaiHub portal for up to one year depending on the type of programs selected by them.  It is one place for all the learning needs of our learners.

Here’s how the portal can add value to our learners-

1. Dashboard:

The portal’s dashboard is usually updated with latest feeds posted by the fellow batchmates, mentors or partner companies on topics ranging from knowledge-share to job opportunities.

2. Course Content:

The portal has a separate section which provides the learner to access the course content to help recapitulate the Bootcamp. This helps the learner to not miss out any learning once out of the Bootcamp.

3. Post your Queries

Once the profile is created by the learner on the portal, he/she can post any course, job or industry related queries on the portal and be assured of receiving the solution from the concerned person at their earliest convenience.

4. Networking

Building a strong network is essential in a professional world.  ikigaiHub portal is a great place to build a network with the fellow batchmates, mentors, and CXOs of our partner companies even after the completion of Bootcamp.

5. Career Opportunities

ikigaiHub has partnered with several companies who are in need of best talents and are wishing to hire one from the ikigaiHub Talent Pool. The learner can easily find internship/job opportunities on the portal and be guaranteed of getting an interview call, once applied for the open position.


6. Glossary

We understand that not all new words taught during the Bootcamp sessions can be remembered by our learners. We have a Glossary section wherein the learner gets to identify new terms, along with their meaning and the context at which the words are used.


ikigaiHub has been following a unique approach in all of its activities right from providing hands-on experience to having interactive sessions. We only aim at providing a comprehensive experience to our learners, and ikigaiHub portal is our way of providing a 360° learning to our learners even after their Bootcamp. We appreciate the efforts of our parent company Think201, for helping us design and build an exhaustive portal in a very short span of time. Technology is the best when it brings people together, and we are proud of being able to do it with the aid of our parent company!

There are new features rolled out every batch and we already have been working on more cool ideas for the portal to be added in upcoming Bootcamps which can make learning more application-centric with 360° perspectives in a work ecosystem.

So, to gain access to our portal, enroll now in any of the programs of your interest.