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Various companies have partnered with ikigaiHub to help bridge the talent and attitude gap among fresh graduates and job seekers. The leaders and professionals of such partner companies help learners realize the right attitude of getting job done.


A platform that makes Business Intelligence accessible for all kinds of enterprises in India. They provide solutions to help businesses gather, analyze and draw actionable insights through data


A complete Front Line Sales Automation Platform for managing marketing, sales and distribution of goods across geography through a highly intuitive tool which provides you with real time coverage analytics.


Safehats community is made for ethical hackers, developers, enterprises, and others to engage with each other, share opportunities, share knowledge, get access to various online resources, and more.


A design focused tech startup helping other entrepreneurs and enterprises build their dream ideas in the world of Websites, Web Apps & Mobile Apps for more than 5 years and counting.


One of the fastest growing crowdsourced testing and market acceptance firms with a global presence. The company is headquartered in Bangalore, the IT capital of India.


A Complete Solution for Retail and distribution business. They offer a range of high cloud and mobility based solutions aimed at improving customer productivity and efficiency. 


A Full Service Digital Marketing Agency helping startups validate the market and businesses thrive on the digital front through the harmony of digital marketing, technology and design.


CEPTES is a global Salesforce service provider who accelerates the business value of your Salesforce.com investment through consultation, digitalisation, and innovation.


InstaSafe Technologies is a SAAS product and a leading brand in cybersecurity domain that protects high risk applications, against existing and emerging threat vector.


Oprimes is a user-friendly crowd testing platform that provides testers with a wide range of opportunities to select from, for an efficient testing experience.

Become our Partner to Hire the Best Talents

To join our Partner Network and get access to the ikigaiHub-trained Talent Pool, feel free to call us at 07618734445.

You can also email us at

What does partner company really mean? ikigaihub

A partner company joins hands with ikigaiHub and contributes
in whatever way to help new generation of professionals find their ikigai.
A partner company can do the following:

  • Have the best professionals from your company mentor the future generation of professionals

  • Share your knowledge and experience as a guest speaker

  • Hire the best among the graduates


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