Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp at ikigaiHub

Yashaswini S Prakash

Friday Nov 09

ikigaiHub- Full Stack Web Development

What is Full Stack Developer’s Role?

Full stack developer is an engineer who has the skills to work independently and complete a product development end to end. This involves him/her to be able to create the database architecture, know server-side languages, client-side languages, understand server and deployments and also have a basic sense of design to get the product development rolling and reach a finish line.

Who usually opts for this career?

Freshers / Students who aim to be a good developer and those who have an aim to build great web applications are the ones who would opt for this career. When an aspirant chooses this path, s/he gets a chance to build web applications which can interact with users solving real problems. Ideas can be many, but when you have the skill to build nobody can stop you in creating great solutions.

How ikigaiHub can help you in preparing YOU to be a full stack developer?

ikigaiHub’s Full Stack Developer Bootcamp Program is designed for today’s industrial needs.

1. This program is co-created with Think201 – a technology company which is in business for 6+years now. The mentors behind the program are top-level executives from Think201 and subject matter experts who have lived most of their awake time tinkering around the programming languages that will be delivered in the hub to the learners.

2. This Bootcamp program is a 6-week intense program which puts the learners through an in-person mentoring session with the mentors at the Hub located in Jayanagar, Bangalore.

3. The ambiance of the space, the format of program & challenges for which the learners will be groomed will be very close to reality that one faces in their job. Things cannot get better than this.

ikigaiHub - Ambiance

4.  The learners will get an additional advantage of an exclusive access to learning material in ikigaiHub portal for 6 months from the date of graduation. This will let learners gain knowledge even after graduating from ikigaiHub and to seek mentors’ help anytime from anywhere.  

5. Learners will learn how to work in a team and also build an application in real during the Bootcamp period.

6. The full stack development Bootcamp program also grooms learners for basic etiquettes that are expected at a workplace. We truly believe in 360-degree grooming.

7. The mentoring style is very different from traditional teaching and the enrolled learner will be taken through a hands-on based learning cycle. Learners will be churning a lot of code, asking a lot of doubts to mentors and cherishing a lot of memories with the fellow learners.


8. ikigaiHub learners enjoy an early access to job opportunities listed at our partner companies.

9. The learning is not only through the syllabus charted out for the Bootcamp program but also will happen through the interactions with mentors. Their experience is something which is invaluable and getting an up-close encounter with them for 6 weeks is something that can’t be missed out on.

10. ikigaiHub learners become a part of the growing ikigaiHub community where they would get information about other diverse programs too so that the learning never stops.


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