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What is an ikigaiHub Certificate and what does it mean?

Anurag Rath

Friday Oct 26

The Certificate of Completion is an official ikigaiHub credential that confirms that you successfully completed a program in ikigaiHub.

Sample Certificate for Digital Marketing 101 Bootcamp co-created by First Launch

Sample Certificate for Digital Marketing 101 Bootcamp co-created by First Launch


Find your Program Certificate

You will be provided with a hard copy of the certificate at the end of the Bootcamp. 

You can find all the program Certificates you’ve earned on your programs page on the ikigaiHub portal after logging in with your registered email address.

ikigaiHub Portal- certificate


What you can do with Program Certificate

You can download, print, or share your Certificate on Linkedin and other platforms.

You can visit Certificate page on and add your Certificate ID (from the portal access) and click on verify to find a unique URL for your certificate. This URL can be shared across social media, added on your resume and/or updated on Linkedin in your Certificates section.

Your potential employer can always verify your certificate using your Certificate ID on the certificate page of .


Certificate Finder Tool to verify the authenticity

A program Certificate includes:

  • The program name
  • Attestation from ikigaiHub and involved Partner Company
  • The logo of ikigaiHub and the involved Partner Company offering the program
  • A verification URL that allows others to check the Certificate’s authenticity
  • A statement that the program has confirmed the identity of the learner who completed the program

A program Certificate does not include:

  • Academic credit from ikigaiHub or the Partner Company offering the program
  • Your ID photo
  • The hours you spent working on program work

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