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Inter-Relation Between Employability & Education

Anshul Gupta

Friday Jun 08

Inter-relation between Employability & Education

It’s a widely accepted fact that our education system lacks in coaching students with practical implementation.

For whatsoever reason education system has not evolved & to this era the quality of output it’s delivering is not matching to the needs.

The relevance of what is being taught to what students do in real life is so different, that it leaves them confused when they emerge out with high grads. 

We are in 2018, classroom coaching & exposure to limited syllabus is not sufficient for students.

Learning just theoretical knowledge leaves them high & dry at interview room making them feel less confident.

This is still half of the problem of what we are facing now.

If this was all about the hard skills, there is another aspect which is left mostly unaddressed and that is coaching students with required soft skills.

“Good grades, no backlogs, good college etc., won’t make one employable.”

The education system can give you just the foundation of learnability but that is not enough to sustain in the industry.

Early exposure to the bigger picture helps you move in a steady direction in career life.

Here is the reality check for freshly graduated students that they should keep in mind.

Expecting to learn practical aspects of learning from a person who has been delivering theoretical coaching seems incorrect to me.

Simply because one has to have enough real-time experiences to share it with others and those won’t come in books.

What’s the solution?

Solution majorly lies in correcting/expanding the learning breadth for students.

This is where industry experts/ mentors would come to picture. Mentors are those who would bring in the exposure of how things work at the field to the classroom.

They can shed some light on various aspects of real-world applications of learning & more importantly they make you learn from instances and not by books.

Education should be considered as a foundation for making an individual coachable and the learning shouldn’t stop there.

There is a need for a mindset shift in students to look beyond the syllabus.

Looking for a mentor early in life is essential. Just focusing on hard skill is not sufficient, students should look towards the soft skill grooming which is even more needed.

It’s a good balance of both hard skills and soft skills which makes a student employable.

I see students joining centers to improve on hard skills but I suggest choose something which will help you groom 360°

We at ikigaiHub are trying to bridge this gap by bringing industry experts and students to the same room.

Gone are the days when learning was limited to books. It is now more of interaction, soft skill and the understanding.  

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