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First Step Towards a Great journey- ikigaiHub Open Day

Shalini Raghunath

Monday Jul 09

First Step Towards a Great journey- ikigaiHub Open Day

Why is ikigaiHub different?

“Well begun is half done,” they say. When we came up with the ‘ikigaiHub’ idea, I was a bit worried about transmitting the right message to the general public on how our Bootcamp was not like any other training center.

ikigaiHub stands out when compared to other Bootcamps or the Training Centres for several reasons.

The program provides the learners with the work ecosystem. 

It also provides them with the attitude to adapt to any organization that they join. 

The idea behind the Bootcamp

As an employer, I have had numerous experiences with my interviewees where I found a big gap between my expectations and their skills.

No matter how polished their Certificates looked, I realised I was looking for something more.

 ikigaiHub Bootcamp was a necessity more than anything else.

We wanted to help the job seekers be ready to meet the employers’ expectations.

Team ikigaiHub got in touch with several CEO’s and CTO’s from various industries and discussed the problems that were commonly faced by a majority of the employers.

ikigaiHub came up with a solution that aimed to bridge the gap between the job seekers and the market requirements and bring in a win-win situation for both the employers and the job seekers.

ikigaiHub Open Day

When we started with the Bootcamp idea, we also wanted to give our learners with a thorough understanding of what we are not, more than of what we are.

And thus, we came up with the concept of Open Day.

A day open to the general public to showcase our activities, give a preview of our Bootcamp Programs and give an opportunity to the learners to interact with us, the mentors and also the CEOs and CTOs of companies who have partnered with ikigaiHub.

A lot of work went in by the Tech team, the Digital Marketing Team, and the mentors to have a grand Open Day. After receiving an overwhelming response from the public, we prepared for the Open Day. 

Although we were ready for both, the best and worst case scenarios, the Open Day was more like an orientation not just for those who visited, but also for us.

One of our early visitors, who came all the way from Mysore acknowledged the importance of Open Day and said that she couldn’t wait to join our Bootcamp.

Few others who couldn’t turn up on our Open Day requested if we can have another Open Day.

We now have decided to be open for the visitors every day, so that they can register with us and walk in as per their convenience.   

On the whole, it was a great experience to talk to the passionate learners to whom we can make a difference.

The first Bootcamp Program is right around the corner, and I am looking forward to meeting a bunch of freshers and job seekers who are hungry to beat the odds and be the chosen one by the employers.  

Bootcamp Programs

The Hub, which is currently open for Quality Assurance Bootcamp program is aiming to offer other different programs like Design UI/UX Bootcamp, Digital Marketing Bootcamp, Mobile App Development Bootcamp, Web App Development Bootcamp and Website Development Bootcamp.

More details are available on the ikigaiHub website.

For the latest details on our upcoming Bootcamps, join our Telegram Channel