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En Route to the journey of being Skilled

Yashaswini S Prakash

Friday Jun 29

En Route to the journey of being Skilled

Open Day

On the Open Day, ikigaiHub is open to the public few days before the commencement of our Bootcamp programs. ikigaiHub will showcase its activities to the learner community and the general public between 10 a.m.– 5.00p.m.

On this day, a fresher, jobseeker and/or the public will have an opportunity to visit The Hub.  We provide you with an opportunity to explore, experience and enjoy the activities of the Hub. The key activities on the Open Day include imparting a complete understanding about ikigaiHub Bootcamp Programs, a chance to meet the mentors and industry experts and also an opportunity to learn more about career prospects. We also conduct fun contests for the attendees and the winners will be given exciting prizes.

Why should you not miss our Open Day?

ikigaiHub aims to bridge the gap between the job seekers and market requirements.  We look forward to helping our learners improve their employability. The Hub is committed to delivering a quality service and expects the learners to contribute one hundred percent to the Bootcamp. And so, it is important for the learners to have a total understanding of our Bootcamp programs.

The Open Day serves as a walk-through session of the Bootcamps to the learners and the general public.

“Half knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance”,

and thus we encourage those interested, to join us and get a clear preview of the Bootcamp.

As employers, we do come across interviewees who have a perfect score on the report card, and yet, fail to impress us. While the employers are on the lookout for someone who is extraordinary, the job seekers, though with extraordinary skills, fail to impress us. On ikigaiHub Open Day, we provide you with an opportunity to interact with our mentors, CEOs, and CTOs from various industries. The more you interact with the Experienced, it is not difficult anymore to understand their requirements.

ikigaiHub Open day is just like your any other holiday. You get to meet new people, have little fun and eat some snacks! Except, it might turn out to be a turning point in your career life!

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ikigaiHub is a comprehensive learning Bootcamp for freshers and job seekers. The Hub helps to develop the perfect set of skills amongst freshers and job seekers and get them job-ready.

As employers, we experienced first-hand, the lack of skills and exposure of freshers and job seekers. We identified a BIG GAP between education and employment.

It makes it hard for both, the employer, to assess the candidate’s potential and the fresher, to portray his skills.

The expert-curated courses led by mentors who are CEOs, CTOs and industry leaders will give the learners a unique opportunity for learning by working on real-world projects and collaborating with teammates.

The Programs include Quality Assurance Bootcamp, Design UI/UX Bootcamp and Digital Marketing Bootcamp.

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