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10 Skills Every Digital Marketing Aspirant (Digital Marketer ‘Wanna-be’) Should have Before Starting your Career.

Jeevitha GN

Thursday Aug 02

10 skills every digital marketing aspirant should have-ikigaiHub

Digital Marketing is a very volatile field of marketing when compared to traditional marketing. By volatile, I mean in terms of innovation, wherein digital marketing is expected to be in the same lines as new techniques, new platforms, channels, and strategies. Being a Digital Marketer, you need to be agile and eager to learn about the current happenings in the industry. 

Most of the companies today, are no more looking for an absolute fresher, and spend their capital and time on training.   The companies today are on the lookout for someone who already has acquired some specific skills and knowledge.  

Every Digital Marketer ‘Wanna-Be’ out there should have the below 10 skills to be able to kick-start their career in Digital Marketing.

1)Be willing to experiment, work independently and be flexible

A Digital Marketer should be flexible and also be willing to experiment with numerous ideas. 

2)Result driven Data Analysis

Collecting data is no more a challenging task. But, to analyze them in such a way that desired results are obtained, is. It’s very imperative to have an analytical mind in the field of Digital Marketing.  

3)A mix of creativity and analytical abilities

As much as analytical skills are important for a digital marketer, it is also befitting to be able to bring in creativity and innovation in the analysis.

4)Have knowledge on existing and emerging DM tools and platforms

For an idea to click, the basic knowledge on it serves as a strong foundation. In this digital era, there are numerous digital marketing tools burgeoning and knowledge on some of them will always give an edge over fellow digital marketers.

5)Be willing to learn and grow

It’s okay to be a beginner and an amateur, but it’s not okay to not be willing to learn. Digital Marketing is a field that offers one with numerous possibilities and opportunities to explore. Anyone with the will to learn and the right attitude can definitely flourish in this field in the blink of an eye.  


To be able to communicate efficiently and effectively is an add-on advantage for any digital marketing aspirant. By effective communication, I don’t mean being able to converse fluently, but being able to put forth the ideas confidently and to cajole the team.


Digital Marketing is the most happening field today, and the more enthusiastic you are about your job, the better.


Motivation is not a one time process, but a continuous one. A thrive to learn something new every single day and the desire to do things differently is what makes a successful digital marketing aspirant.

9)Attention to detail and accuracy

Every little thing in digital marketing matters. It is pertinent for a digital marketer to have an eye for detail.

10)The capacity to prioritize and work across multiple projects

When it comes to an office environment, usually one is loaded with multiple projects of various kinds. The digital marketer should know the tactics to be organized in his workplace and also have capabilities to prioritize his works and thereby not ignoring even the smallest of the projects.


In the fewest possible words, digital marketing is one of the most sought-after fields today, and to be just a technical scholar is not just enough for any digital marketing aspirant. Certain skills as listed above are equally significant.